Wednesday, 10 September 2014

did wassaname get out to you the other day?

tom got married over the summer, claire is just starting the final year of her studies, and I have been getting busy with some other projects (see – 
Silent Front/USA Nails), hence our quietness of late. so here’s something to tide you over…maybe.

these are the very first mayors demos circa 2002. it’s just me playing all the instruments, sometimes really badly, recorded through shitty stolen microphones, on a shitty desktop computer, using shitty software. you may not enjoy listening to these in the conventional sense, but i think they are interesting as a historical document.

some of it, is pretty bad. some of it is so terrible in fact, that it’s kind of funny. but there are also moments which i’m proud of, which i think maybe even stand up beside stuff that is *actually* good. it’s a proper mish-mash of styles and the influences are pretty clear, mostly - de-loused in the comatorium, dischord records and nu-metal clubs.

you have been warned.


ps. this is free/pay what you like to download.

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