about us

m.o.m. are a DIY 3-piece based in south london. formed in 2005-ish... we've released an EP ("kancho" in 2006 on tooting bizarre), a split 7" (with death pedals on we be records in 2012) and two albums ("buffalo!" in 2008 on tooting bizarre, reissued by world heroes in 2013, and also "holy cop" on we be records 2013). all are available from our bandcamp (link below) and good online stores. we strongly encourage the "illegal" distribution of our music for those who can't afford.

we've gigged the UK (and Ireland) a fair bit over the years, we'll continue to play shows and tour until people stop booking us i guess.

we sound like this: http://mayorsofmiyazaki.bandcamp.com

we want to play in your town, so give us a shout if you feel the same way! contact details on the right, and down a bit...yeah that's it.


  1. Dear Mayors Of Miyazaki,

    Can you tab Parts Per Million please? It is my favourite song of 2013. Which means it beat Radioactive by Rita Ora.

    And that shit wasn't easy.


    Richard Kenlather.

    1. ha, thanks for the kind words! erm, times are a bit busy at the mo. but i'll endeavour to at some point.