Monday, 20 August 2012

i'm just working the desk

so we've been back from tour for a couple of weeks. we had such an ace time, made lots of new friends, and met up with a lot of old ones too. so much love to everyone who came to see us, put us on or put us up - we are humbled by your amazingness. missing the ferry and our dublin show due to a massive traffic accident in north wales was a bit of a downer, but doing easy lover at a karaoke bar in holyhead with a gaggle of very welcoming locals went some way to making us feel better! anyways, i'll be putting together a tour video diary soon.

while we were away, we got put on this download comp by we heart arts. all profits go to ace causes. lasses and lads are aaaall that.

we're currently plotting our next moves. we've been having a right old ball ache with the split 7" but we are hopefully not too far off having it sorted now. we've also been having a right old ball ache with the album, but again, we're close with that too i think!

we have a bunch of shows across the south-east of england in september, and plenty more on the horizon. come see us!

loves x