Wednesday, 26 October 2011

oh sure, as if he went harvard

just confirmed we're playing a show in december which will feature the first outings of both eat your robot (featuring members of thumpermonkey, todger and godzilla black) and juror no.8 (ex-kiss me! i'm greek). tadpole.

we're also sorting a couple of shows (london and oxford) with kill murray (new band of Aaron from phantom theory and Chris formerly of us, and a billion other rad projects) in january. she's a babe.

PLUS we're planning a mini-tour for easter time. awesome! be sure to hit us up if you fancy having us in yr town for that.

she's a robo-babe!


Sunday, 16 October 2011

i am still here el guapo!

a video of us at los amigos in chatham last night.

"oh yes el guapo, i definitely think that you will have a plethora".

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

the garden of england

so we played malcfest out in the deepest darkest depths of kent in september, which was awesome. props to malc and co for putting on such an amazing DIY event. we've been uber-busy writing with tom since his return, but we have managed to squeeze in a few booking before the end of the year, including a couple this coming weekend.

on friday we're playing todger's album launch at the zentih bar in angel (london). i've heard it and it's RAD. on saturday we're making a trip out to kent again (chatham this time) to play a motherboy night with frau pouch. should be a total banger!