Tuesday, 9 July 2013

how about i draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?

new album seems to be going great guns, we've been getting a bunch of radio play, Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and Jen Long played us on BBC 6 Music and on BBC Radio 1! John Kennedy also gave us a spin on Xfm n'all. And I heard there might be even more on the way.

got some sooound reviews too, including an 8/10 in Drowned in Sound (other nice words said by folk at Sloucher, Keep it Fast, and loads more) but there's a bunch more press to come. luckily we've only had one really bad review that called us "quasi-drivel", but meh, led zeppelin didn't write music that everyone liked.

if you haven't got yr mitts on a copy of the new album you can get it in multiple ways, like from amazon and itunes and emusic and stuff. it's also on spotify and that. we recommend buying CDs direct from the distributor (cargo), but the tape version is only available through our bandcamp!

our tour in august is pretty much booked too. just waiting on one venue in edinburgh. there've been a number of venue changes and even city changes, but we've managed to fill every date so it's aaaall good [EDIT - 12.08.13 no we haven't]