Friday, 20 September 2013

this is the news

We've had a bunch of press and stuff for the album. This ain't all of everything but meh, I ain't being paid to put this together, and I haven't had my breakfast yet. Use google if you want to find the one that called us "Quasi-drivel"!

Drowned in Sound (8/10)

My New Favourite Band

Mutiny Press

7-Bit Arcade

Louder Than War (Top 100 Albums of 2013 - so far)

Louder Than War (8/10)

Fresh On The Net (Fresh Faves)

Fresh On The Net (Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music Blog)


Sloucher (5/5 stars)

Keep it Fast (Album of the Week)

The 405 (5/10)

RAM Zine (9/10)

Silent Radio (7/11)

Music News

Whiteboard Project


American Pancake

In Forty

MusicOMH (4/5 stars)

Artrocker which gave us 3/5 stars, which you can buy off itunes/google play/amazon. here's our bit.

Rocksound did a review too, but i can't link cuz it's only available in paper form obvs. They said something along the lines of "nothing particularly wrong with this record, but then there's nothing particularly right about it either". Ronnie Radke was on the front cover:

We also got this, which I'll grant you, isn't an album review, but they said some real nice things about us: