Tuesday, 5 April 2011


we have a few london shows in april. last night we played the old blue last with bullet proof vest and great western. both a good laugh and top lads. plus one of the guitarists from great western looked like the young peter pan from hook. bonus! apparently for our first 3 songs my vocals made me sound like i was in a cavernous cathedral made out of iron, but after the sound lad sorted that out it was all pretty rad.

we're really looking forward to i hate the kids and the victory in dalston on [edit] friday. yokozuna and cutthroat convention are firm faves. don't miss 'em! fat bicth are from brighton, i don't know of them personally, but i do know that IHTK wouldn't book anyone less than awesome, so they should be ace.

the nitkowski show at the end of the month should also be beffin. top french lads anorak will be making their debut appearance in london for that'un. the doods are NAILS if you don't know em. i heard they might be playing hellfest this year with the likes of clutch, the melvins, kyuss lives and electric wizard. the bastards.



  1. Dalston is a Friday. You're getting confused with the Scar show on Saturday! Get some sleep.

  2. good lord what a mess. thanks russ.